Wangari Mbuthia – Lead Organiser

Wangari Mbuthia is the Deputy Head Girl at Redhill School. She is part of the first cohort of International Baccalaureate and has pioneered this TEDx event as a part of her CAS (Creative Activity and Service) Project. She is passionate about science and design and is currently completing her final year of high school.

Adam H. Golding – Assistant Organiser

Adam is an educator, musician and speaker who has been teaching at Redhill since 2006. He is passionate about the arts, history, technology, philosophy, education and the future. Adam is driven by philosophical questioning and his teaching philosophy is to provide his students with the tools to do the same, constantly challenging their preconceptions and preparing them for an unknown world.

Shelli Nurcombe-Thorne – Marketing and PR

After four years in english and history teaching, Shelli made a career switch to marketing. After 20 years in the industry she has joined the Redhill team as head of marketing and in under a year has transformed the Redhill brand. Shelli is passionate about her children, coffee and making a difference in the world.

Joseph Gerassi – Executive Producer

Joseph has been involved in education for the past 25 years, holding leadership roles in top schools and educational organisations both locally and internationally. He is currently the executive head at Redhill School and a recognised world leader in education. He is passionate about 21st century educational philosophy and creating a world leading educational environment. Joseph is a hands on head and loves spending time with students in all aspects of schooling, from the classroom engaging in debate to coaching the swimming team, to directing the school musical.

Karl Reith – Chief Video Editor

Karl is a video editor with 10 years experience. He has, over the years, developed a range of skills that have shaped him into the editor he is today. Starting out in the corporate realm, he quickly adapted to the fast paced, deadline driven requirements that were needed.  He has gained experience in a multitude of areas within the industry: long form series, documentaries, safety videos, promos, short films and more.

Inia Natarajan – Animator and Assistant Video Editor

Inia Natarajan is the Vice Chair of Redmedia at Redhill School and is currently a Grade 11 student. She is passionate about animation and video editing in addition to science and maths. She is currently completing her Gold President’s Award and is a part of the Spirit of Youth Committee at the Gordon Institute of Business.