An online experience

The Beauty of
the Unknown

20 speakers - 3 hours - 1 event

About the Event

TEDxRedhillSchool’s inaugural event will take place in the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic. What better time to bring some of Joburg’s greatest minds together in a virtual arena to eXplore this year’s theme: “The Beauty of the Unknown”? At a time when so much of what we once took for granted has either changed or been put on hold, we need to find opportunity amidst the challenge; eXamine new ways of being, doing and creating; and learn to leave our ‘black and white’ thinking behind us and become comfortable in the ‘grey’. TEDxRedhillSchool aims to bring innovative thinking and though-provoking discussion to the table, combined with a healthy dose of creativity and eXcitement. We’d love you to spend the afternoon online with us!

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The programme is out!
The detailed programme will be available as a PDF from Monday 15 June – see you then!

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